About Margaret Leslie Davis

Margaret Leslie Davis is the author of three acclaimed biographies of important American empire builders. Rivers in the Desert: William Mulholland and the Inventing of Los Angeles, published by Harper Collins, was the winner of the Golden Spur Award for Best Non-Fiction book by the Western Writers of America. Newsweek described it as "fascinating history." Publishers Weekly called it an "arresting biography" that made for "gripping reading." Read more

NOTE: A recording of Esi Edugyan's events are available on the Members only page from February 8-22.

About The Lost Gutenberg

For rare-book collectors, an original copy of the Gutenberg Bible--of which there are fewer than 50 in existence--represents the ultimate prize. Here, Margaret Leslie Davis recounts five centuries in the life of one copy, from its creation by Johannes Gutenberg, through the hands of monks, an earl, the Worcestershire sauce king, and a nuclear physicist to its ultimate resting place, in a steel vault in Tokyo. Estelle Doheny, the first woman collector to add the book to her library and its last private owner, tipped the Bible onto a trajectory that forever changed our understanding of the first mechanically printed book. Read more


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