The Literary Society of the Southwest is an advocate for literature and literacy in the community. The Society supports presentations by outstanding authors who speak about the journey to become an author and the books they have written. In addition, our membership fees and donations allow us to make contributions to the community to support literacy programs.

Over the past few years, we have contributed to the following organizations throughout the state of Arizona:

Act One

Underwriting to provide books and reading materials for students in Title 1 schools to attend a theater performance based on the book. For example, the scripts for students attending a Shakespeare play. For many students this was their first exposure to a live performing arts program.

Make Way for Books

A nonprofit preschool reading program that provides young children (ages birth to 5) with access to books and language experiences necessary for school readiness. This program in Southern Arizona plans to expand to Phoenix.

Read Better Be Better

An afterschool reading program in elementary schools where older students assist younger students to improve their reading skills.

Tucson Botanical Garden

Sponsoring a young readers program at the Garden.

University of Arizona Poetry Center

Sponsorship of poetry readings in Phoenix to new audiences.

High School Creative Writing Program

Providing an author’s presentation to the school and college tuition awards to winners of a creative writing competition.

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