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Discover Literacy and Culture as Only Members Can

When you become a Member--

The upcoming 2023-2024 Season promises another collection of exciting books and compelling authors!

Each season, members of the Literary Society of the Southwest enjoy a collection of carefully selected books with discussions from each author personally. These curated events include luncheons at noteworthy hospitality locations and the rare opportunity to hear the featured author’s presentation and engaging analysis. The Literary Society has proudly hosted more than

    - 80 gifted and celebrated authors 
    - 40% of these outstanding authors have won or been listed for the most prestigious literary prizes available
    - 4 Pulitzer Prizes
    - 3 Women’s Prizes (UK)
    - 2 National Book Awards
    - 28 have been short-listed or long-listed for Pulitzer, National Book Award, Booker Prize, Book Critics Circle,      or  Women's Prize.
    - Each year, we match our top list of authors and their availability with our fiscal year budget and season            calendar.

For each guest author, the Literary Society of the Southwest organizes four luncheons (Tues-Fri) at distinguished locations. Each luncheon day and location is provided for our members' convenience.

As members who value literacy, we give back.  Every member's personal enrichment from reading and connection extends to enriching others. Since 2005, the Literacy Society has granted over $300,000 to nonprofit literacy programs and student scholarships in Arizona through net proceeds from memberships and donations

Membership Experience
  • Unique opportunities to participate in engaging book discussions in a personalized, luncheon setting with accomplished authors from a variety of literary experience beyond any conventional book tour event.
  • Cordial interactions with like-minded members, connecting over books and supporting literacy and learning about effective local literacy programs.
  • Participating in member supported grants to advance literacy improvements throughout Arizona.
  • Optional involvement with Literary Society operations such as author selection, grant making, and assisting at events.
Ready to Join?

Make sure you know which day and location you would like to attend the author luncheons before completing the application. Review the day and location options here.

View the Membership Guidelines here.

Do you have more questions? Check out the FAQs here and feel free to email the LSSW anytime.

Membership level options:

  • Individual One Year Membership
  • Individual Two Year Membership
  • Family One Year Membership
  • Family Two Year Membership 

Once you complete and submit your membership information, you will receive a confirmation email and member access to the website.

Member fees are considered non-refundable donations. Your donation activates your annual membership, including access to the luncheons featuring bestselling authors and their books.  As a non-profit, the Literary Society deploys member fees to help defray event and administration costs and provide grants to support literacy organizations in the community.  For tax purposes, membership fees and any additional donations are considered charitable donations and may qualify for a tax deduction. Please consult your tax advisor. 


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